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Dragon City Mod Apk is the most famous and adventurous favourite game among all groups of ages. Have you ever thought that you would have a city with abundant dragons? So download the dragon city mod apk and enjoy the unique fun. After downloading the game, you will be faced with many unique types of dragons you want and have to settle in a dragon city.

Dragon City mod apk
Dragon City mod apk


Well, the dragon city mod apk is loved by people of all ages, but it is prevalent among children. You will have a lot of dragons, which will be your job to raise. The game is given an adventure colour using 3D graphics. You have to prepare the massive dragon army to fight the evil forces. Because of the 3D graphics, the visuals of apk dragon city are stunning and presented realistically.

Additional Information

Game nameDragon City Mod Apk
Released on3 Jul 2013
DeveloperSocial Point
Downloads100,000,000+ downloads
MODUnlimited money, gems


In the dragon city mod, your task is to breed dragons. But also you have to find dragons of different species. You have to take care of the dragons. They are bred from all of them and fed them. You have to level up your dragon, which requires you to work on increasing the dragon’s powers. Dragon City gameplay revolves around building and managing a city full of dragons. The player must breed and hatch dragons, build and customize habitats for them, and collect and train new dragons. The player can also battle other players’ dragons and trade dragons with other players.

In the dragon city mod, you have to collect orbs. You use these orbs to upgrade your dragons. You will get addicted to Dragon City because after some time, as soon as its update comes, its best features will be. I am Dragon City Mod Apk Download is a simulation game similar to the Jurassic World Mod Apk

We’ve got you covered if you want your dragon to be the best in town but don’t know where to get it. You’re lucky we have a few different types of Dragons for you. The apexes of all these mythical creatures. Soon, you will become a complete alpha, dominating everyone else in the competition in PvP.

So without making you wait for anything else, Here We present all ten dragons.

  • Iceberg Dragon
  • Snail Dragon
  • Chainmail Dragon
  • Juggler Dragon
  • Aquanaut Dragon
  • Grass Dragon
  • Ride Dragon
  • Big Fins Dragon
  • Clarity Dragon
  • Destiny Dragon

Features Of Dragon City Mod Apk

Now let’s write a feature for you that presents the dragon city mod as a stunning Simulation game. We have moded apk dragon city and are working on its outstanding features. Therefore it has become the most fantastic game for kids and all groups of ages.

Dragon City mod apk
Dragon City mod apk

Easy to Control

The interface is very similar to the original game as soon as you enter the game. Dragon City is straightforward to play and also very easy to control. Its features are easy to understand, and you can easily control your dragon with great skill.

While holding them, you must do a lot of work, build cities for dragons, build farms, and work on dragon eggs to create different triggers. After each task, your game will level up. All these Missions that you have to complete in the game are straightforward. Tap Tap Run Mod APK is very amazing and easy to control.

All Dragons Unlocked

Apart from all the other features of dragon city mod apk 2023, its most prominent feature is that it will give you more than five hundred different types of dragons. In addition to the elemental dragons, you will also be given dragons that have gained a lot of skills. As you complete more and more missions, you will progress and be given more and more dragons. Also, using its modified version, you can breed up to ten types of dragons at once and create many new types of dragons. Also, these are not the only dragons that exist. As the game gets updated, new types of dragons are added.

Building A City On A Floating Island

Apart from many pictures in apk dragon city, you will see a location that captured your heart. When you enter this world of dragons, he is located in a place which is a beautiful windy island in the middle of the sea. Not only is it a time for you to be brave, but it also promises you the most relaxing and soothing sensations.  Dragon City Mobile not only allows you to build a dragon city, but you can also build other types of buildings and farms. This is done only to keep and breed your collected dragons in the best possible way.

Dragon City mod apk
Dragon City mod apk

PvP Arenas

Why Dragon City is a multiplayer game where two people can play together, apart from you, many people are making their dresses in millions, so you can show strength by challenging them too. Use your breeding experience to create a mighty dragon that will blow everyone’s minds and take you through all the challenges. Winning these challenges will reward you with an unlimited amount of Arina, the best currency in the game.

Amazing 3D graphics

The people who are fond of playing the game first check its features and its graphics in the game. So you will be delighted to hear that the dragon city mod uses 3D graphics, which makes the game realistic. The 3D graphics in Dragon City bring the dragons to life, making it easy to immerse in the game entirely. The dragons look like they are living creatures, and the city is made to look like a real place. The animations of the dragons and the environment are smooth, making the gameplay experience more enjoyable. Whenever you see the dragon playing during the game, you check its equipment and graphic. It will get into your heart and treat you. Its graphics prove to be a great game.

Unlimited Gems Dragon City Mod Apk

You get unlimited gems in the modified version of the dragon city mod apk, unlimited money and gems 2023. These unlimited gems allow you to do what you want to achieve in the dragon city mod. You will get everything unlocked in its modified version. You can easily buy space for the dragons in the game and provide them with the best place to breed. You can save time in Dragon City Mod apk and watch all these dragons grow. You can also Skip the timer in it with your unlimited gems.

Multiplayer and Social

Dragon City mod apk offers a variety of multiplayer and social features that allow players to connect and interact with other players. Some of the critical multiplayer and social features include:

  1. Tournaments: Players can participate in regular tournaments to win prizes and compete against other players.
  2. Online battles: Players can battle other players’ dragons in the game’s arena and climb the leaderboards to become the best dragon trainer.
  3. Trading: Players can trade dragons with other players to complete their collection and get rare dragons.
  4. Friends: Players can add other players as friends and visit each other’s cities to see different dragons and buildings.
  5. Guilds: Players can join or create a guild with other players and compete against other guilds in tournaments.
  6. Events: Dragon City regularly hosts events that allow players to earn exclusive dragons, bonuses, or other rewards.

These features make the game more engaging and competitive and foster a sense of community among players, encouraging them to connect and collaborate. The game also offers the option to connect with social media accounts like Facebook, where players can join the Dragon City community, share their achievements and connect with other players worldwide.

Unlimited Food

First, you must ensure that any human or animal needs food to sustain itself. And you know to raise any dragons, you have to feed those dragons to develop a dragon city on a considerable level. So You will have unlimited gems to buy food for all these dragons. Using the modified version seems to serve the best purpose so that you can manage the animal’s diet and breeding. Another simulator game is called World of Airports Mod Apk, You can take off and land your planes as per passengers’ requirements.

How to Download Dragon City Mod Apk on Android?

First, you must take care if you have never downloaded Philo Dragon City Mod Apk on mobile. If you have ever Download dragon city latest mod or its apk version before then, please delete it from your mobile. Now open your mobile settings and go to its security settings. And click on its Unknown source. You have to do this step if you face any problems with downloading.

Dragon City Mod Apk
Dragon City Mod Apk

Downloading the Mod Apk file is very easy. You are given the following steps to download the file.

  1. Click on the download button below to download
  2. Wait until the download completes, then open it
  3. Install the app on your android device.
  4. Follow all the instructions given inside.
  5. Once it is properly installed, start, and enjoy the fantastic features of this great dragon city mod apk unlimited everything.


Q: Is dragon city mod apk virus free?

A: Yes, you will be very happy to hear that Dragon City Mod Apk is completely virus. Free, you don’t need to worry about it. We are here to help you.

Q: What is the purpose of gems in the dragon city?

A: After winning any challenge, you are rewarded with gems and all these gems are used to buy you lots of food and space for the dragons

Q: Can Dragon City be played on both PC and iOS?

A: Yes you can play and download dragon city mod on your IOS and PC. Also, its official website allows you to download your game and play it online using your Facebook.


I hope I could give you information about the Dragon City Mod Apk. And to some extent, I have answered all your questions. But still, if you need help from us, we are here to serve you. You have to go to the comment section of this post and comment and contact our team. Without further ado, I suggest you download and play the Dragon City Mod Apk in your time. So download the dragon city mod apk latest version from Bravoapk.com and enjoy the breading of dragons.



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